We believe that for authentic learning to take place, students need to be given opportunities to design processes or products and have free exploration of a subject matter.  Access to theme-based STEAM KITS, adds confidence in project based learning.



Animal Adaptations STEAM Kit

  • Full Materials list o cotton or wool strings of varying length and thickness
  • a cardboard box o honey/similar sticky substance
  • tissue paper (for the ‘bugs’)
  • elastic rubber pocket-money toys, such as Mr. stretch (for extension)
  • phosphorescent powder or glow-in-the-dark powder
  • black bin bags
  • ready-mixed paint or clear acrylic gel
  • a container
  • paintbrushes
  • natural materials for creating a nest: dry leaves, straw, long grasses, slate, wooden logs, feathers, etc. collected as part of STEM SMARTS Club time (May be at home, bring your own)
  • additional materials  for nest:  plastic  guttering,  roof  tiles,  clear  acrylic  sheets
  • sweets
  • 4–5 different essential  oils  or scents
  • paper or card

Price : $50

Shipping:  Free for Delta, Richmond,  Lower  Mainland,  or calculated  anywhere  within Canada.


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